Melissa & Doug: Your Partners in Play (and Learning Too!)

Published by June 26, 2017

Melissa & Doug is not only a company that makes great products but is a real couple! Raised by educators, both of them found themselves drawn to making children’s products. Partners in not only business, they are married too and are raising six children. (Or if you prefer, product testers.) Starting small, they set up in Doug’s garage and began borrowing his father’s station wagon to make deliveries up and down the east coast. Now based in a much larger facility in Connecticut, Melissa & Doug still keeps the key values that made them great in the first place…

Parent designed, kid tested.

Every product that Melissa & Doug makes is tested by actual kids. Not just the founders own, but their colleagues too! Stringent safety standards, rigorous testing at every stage, independent auditing, all ensure everything is good enough for their own families, and yours! This means everything is well designed, safe, and fun. As I’ve said time and time again: “There are the toys your kids will break. Then there are the toys they use to break their other toys.  Melissa & Doug falls in the later.”

Dramatic Play

“Because the best toys are 90% kid and 10% toy.”-

A big wide category with lots of options, and lots to learn, and teach with. Get down on a play rug and explore with us…

Role-play toys

For example, wonderful play food and the “Let’s play house!” line. Also, dress up sets…

Puppets & theater

Hand puppets in many themes and even a tabletop theater! Many uses beyond playtime! 

Art supplies to supply creativity .

Molding & sculpting

Dough kits and Sandblox™ let you make shapes, explore textures, and build fine motor skills and spatial relations.

Paper, paint, pigment and other things…

Easy to use sidewalk chalk, stamp sets, coloring pads, and finally, easels and smocks to keep creativity wrangled and easy to clean up after.

Scratch-Art® sheets

Have you tried these? A solid layer of white or black hides a secret underneath. Scratch with the included wooden stick and watch it change colors!

All puzzles great and small (and other friends)…

Wood Puzzles

Did you know these were the company’s sole focus for over a decade? And it even got them a mention on Jeopardy once?

Floor puzzles

Because bigger pieces means bigger fun! However, they are not just for little hands! Just take a look at the solar system & map of the USA puzzles, which are loved and used by older kids and even parents!

Sound Puzzles

Sound puzzles offer yet another fun twist on a classic concept. A small note here-the sound is light activated, so whenever a piece is not present, the puzzle will make noise if it moves from light to dark. Like perhaps, you open the toy box or turn the light on in the room? Lost a piece, and want to stop the noise? Simply put tape over the sensor.

Magnet games, gear boards…and more!

Since we’re talking about flat funthere are so many options! Oh, and please don’t forget about puzzle keepers! All those puzzles and boards will need a way to keep it neat and organized, after all.

Ready for more?

Find our selection of Melissa & Doug in our online catalog here, or our stores.  Also, a quick reminder: we offer free gift wrapping!

There are not many places left that you can get personalized service from someone that knows what they are talking about in a retail environment. Love that I can always go in here and figure our ways to help my family get better at learning. It's fun too!