Particularly for Parents: Shoring up Key Skills

Published by October 3, 2017

Note that by “parents” we’re including stepparents, guardians, interested aunts and uncles, and anyone else wanting to help a particular child with academic development. Have you gotten a first-quarter report card yet? One or more things on there…less than stellar? We can help you both bring up those key skills, and the grades they support, before the semester’s over.

Books for Building Key Skills

Does your pre-k to third grader need just a little help with just one thing? Try Carson-Dellosa’s Gold Star Workbooks CTP’s Stick Kids. Little, single-subject books for less than $5!

Another great choice is the Skill Sharpeners series by Evan Moor. Eary in the year is the best time to start with these!

These and many many more choices in store,!


It’s easy to discount flashcards, but they are a powerful tool. Keep their interest up by mixing things up. Most packs come with ideas for games using the cards.

Do have a look at Flashbot®, a flashcard helper that is absolute catnip to grade schoolers. Furthermore, Flashbot’s cards are well designed and are great to use even without the bot!

Also available are electronic flashcards, like Word Whiz. Flashcards without the fuss!


Games are great for skill building! We’d all rather play then do a worksheet or bookwork.

Looking for help with Language Arts or Math? Check out our “Six ___ Games” sets.

This is just scratching the surface! Have a look here or in store.

Don’t Forget to Motivate!

We stock tons of small prizes to make the process simpler and struggle free. From tracking cards to rewards, we have what you need to keep them going. Because you’d be surprised what a simple sticker or stamp can help kids do!

If you didn’t see what you needed, don’t worry! Visit us online or better yet, in store for more choices and personalized help!

There are not many places left that you can get personalized service from someone that knows what they are talking about in a retail environment. Love that I can always go in here and figure our ways to help my family get better at learning. It's fun too!