Great stuff, lamination.

All About Laminating

Published by March 21, 2019

Great stuff, lamination. Makes anything water resistant, dry erase, fade resistant, moderately chew proof…

You’ll find three types in our stores:

First up is 1.5 mil, the standard. Perfect for just about anything.

  • Bulletin board sets
  • Borders and accents
  • Shopping list or menu for your fridge
  • Printouts you’ll be using inside
  • Line signs

3 mil. Twice as thick. When you want a tight seal on thicker objects.

  • File folder games
  • Art collages
  • Anything with lots of layers
  • Items you want to last practically foreeeeevver.
Laminated shapes that will be cut out and hole punched to use as lacing cards for preschoolers.

We also have a pouch laminator. This one’s special. Unlike the roll lamination, you’re limited to the sizes of pouches on hand. However, the plastic is harder and much thicker. Also, you can “Make it a Magnet!” Ask about this for bookmarks, photos, and so on.

Things to do

Prep your stuff first! Punch it out, make sure everything is glued down tight. Cut small items apart before you laminate so you get a seal.

Let paint and glue dry thoroughly. Please. Please. A fully dried adhesive is more likely to stay put. Spare us the glitter if you can. It gets everywhere. We’re serious. It shows up days later, even if we clean out the machine. Seal it with something first. Give it a good hard shake before you bag it to bring in. (Outside means less glitter on your carpets!)

Running lots of things through at once? Try and line them up with the lines on the plate. It’s not critical, but if all your pieces are in line, cutting out will be so much easier. Especially if you’re just doing square sheets!

See those vertical lines? Use them to help guide your items through the machine.

Give the next batch a few seconds after the previous set goes under the rollers before you pause the machine. This will ensure your pieces have a good seal, and you can take as much time as needed to set up your next set of items. More time, yes, but less wasted plastic! Don’t stop too long in the middle of something, though. It causes a line, and in some cases, can burn your items.

Make sure you clear the back of the machine and then stop and cut your lamination off. Roll it up and you’re ready to head home to your good scissors and an even better movie to watch while you cut away!

Some things not to do

Be careful with what you run through the laminating machine.

No, we cannot run macaroni or button art though. Ditto zippers, Lego bricks, wood cutouts, resin items, chains, jewelry findings, keys, beads, magnets, sticker gems. Also, cotton swabs, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), pom poms, puffy stickers, foam board, or puzzles. Those types of items will just ruin the rollers on our machines.

Rule of thumb: items run through the laminator should not be thicker than a piece of thin cardboard.

Some types of ink or paper may not react well to the heat. Fax paper, most bar code labels and chart paper turn black. Some home printers will have color changes, either becoming darker or fading. When in doubt, run a test piece though.

Yes, we can do tissue paper! This is tricky and do so at your own risk. Other things you might laminate at your own risk are things such as photos, ID cards, and other items that may be irreplaceable.

When in doubt, ask! We’re here to help!

Do ask before you laminate the first time with us. We’ll show you the ropes. Or just use our convenient drop off service. Call for current rates. We’ll see you at the laminators!



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