Back To School Part 1: New Product Spotlight for 2017

Published by July 21, 2017

It’s Going to be a Hot Summer!

BTS 2017- That means “Back to School”, aka time to setup. It’s that time of year again when planning kicks into high gear and room prep begins! Are you ready? Because we are! Come on in, get out of the heat and look around! We’ve got lots of cool new choices this year for your Pinterest or Instagram ready room!

Bold & Bright-Patterns, Bright Colors, Paperclips, and a Touch of…Llama?!?

Got a nice, new cork board to show off? This line looks great on a bare board. Board looking a little worse for wear or want it on a wall? Then use burlap paper as a substitute. White, gray, pale green, teal or yellow will also make this one pop! This CTP set coordinates nicely with Carson-Dellsoa’s Calypso too! Got a Billingal, ESL or Espanol only room? Also, Welcome banner and calendar are available Spanish as well, ask us if you can’t find it!

A Sharp Bunch by Eureka-Totaly Adorkable!

Relatable characters in this collection include a barrel cactus with braces! Succulents in glasses too! Would you like a side of puns with that too? Bright colored birds and southwest influenced geometric patterns also strut their stuff here. This one is an easy fit for modern or vintage rooms! Sometimes it’s OK to be a bit prickly!

Marquee-Now Playing! 

Lights camera, action! See stars with TCR’s Marquee! This line is a little bit classic Hollywood, a little bit Broadway. Why not mix it up and add in superheroes or another movie theme, like Disney, too? A little of anything can be added in, after all, the stage and screen can take you anywhere! Parts of this one sneaked in for a preview last year, but this year we’re premiering the whole line!

Ranger Rick®-Camping fun for everyone!

This TCR set is a fun pick for lovers of nature and its namesake magazine. Not only does it have fun, recognizable characters, it’s got some nice retro national park and ranger themes going on as well. Can be mixed with other forest themed lines too, like CTP’s Woodland Friends.

Blue Harmony-a Thoughtful Choice for BTS 2017

Want something free of critters, licensed characters, and mascots? Something, dare I say it, matureHow about this soothing geometric symphony of blue and greens instead? Blue Harmony from Eureka is a natural fit for shared spaces and works well beyond the classroom. Richly textured designs hint at peacock feathers and leaves while bringing paisley and oriental rugs to mind.

Missing something? We can order any out of stock pieces for you, just ask! See you soon in store or online, and remember, the best stuff sells out fast!

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