What bounces, stretches, jiggles, pops, and …promotes finger strength? Meet Thinking Putty.

Crazy Aaron (Thinking Putty 101)

Published by June 11, 2017

Grounded in an amazing success story.

Aaron Muderick was a regular, run of the mill computer scientist. One who also happened to enjoy playing with Silly Putty. But Silly Putty, is not without it’s flaws. Aaron wanted something better. Something more interesting, and most of all, less sticky. So he decided to teach himself chemistry; with the help of a friend (and her textbooks) who had just gotten a PhD in chemistry.

Soon Aaron was making putty by night and selling Thinking Putty out of a box under his desk.

Feels good in your hands, and you can feel good about how it’s made, too.

I quickly realized that this product was so unique and the creation process so sensitive, I was going to have to build my own factory to make it.

So that’s just what I did. And as my business grew, so did my desire to give back to my community. Today, we work with seven Philadelphia-area vocational centers to employ many exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. That’s in addition to our two corporate offices where Thinking Putty is proudly made in the USA.

Aaron Muderick

Thinking Putty 101

What’s in it?

And almost as important, is what’s not in it. Thinking Putty is silicone based. The rest will vary by color.

What it does not have?  Latex, gluten, wheat compounds, or phthalates. It’s certified compliant with ASTM F963 and EU standards EN 71 Parts 1, 2 & 3, and CPSIA-compliant with all regulations. Remember, non-toxic is not the same as edible. Please keep it out of your mouth, eyes, nose, and so on.

What you can do with it?

Lots of things. Start by rolling it between your hands and work from there.

Thinking Putty is a Non-Newtonian fluid. What does it mean? Viscosity, that is, Thinking Putty doesn’t act like a regular liquid. Don’t believe me? Pull it, pull, it pull it…and watch while it stretches, thinner and thinner. But then, if you grab a chunk and yank? Pop! Now you have a new piece of putty.Want to put this to the ultimate test? Hit it with a hammer. It will shatter. (Wear eye protection!) Don’t feel comfortable smashing your putty? See youtube instead.

It bounces. Really, really bounces. I’m talking about those little-rubbery-super-balls-you-buy-from-the-grocery store-vending-machine level of bounce. Perhaps even more? I’ve seen it alllmoost hit the ceiling in store. Might need a bigger ball than a mini-tin, if that’s your goal.

Hit up Puttyworld for more ideas!

Getting stuck on Thinking Putty is great, but what if it’s stuck on you?

At some point, the inevitable is sure to happen.  To remove thinking putty from clothes, carpet, or hair, here’s the key:  rubbing alcohol.  Just the regular rubbing alcohol you get at the grocery store.  Fold a paper towel into a square a couple inches across.  Put enough alcohol on the paper towel that it’s wet, but not quite dripping.  Gently massage the putty with the wet paper towel.  BE PATIENT and keep rubbing.  The alcohol will chemically break down the putty and then you can pick it out.  

Alcohol can damage some sensitive fabrics, so make sure you test it first.

Daniel Despain, Flagstaff Store Manager, and Thinking Putty guru.

Want a little more helpful advice?

Thinking Putty itself does not stain. However, the colors can potentially transfer onto other surfaces over time. It won’t dry out, either. But it can seep out of loose lids. To keep your putty happy and clean, put it away when not in use. After all, it can’t pick up pocket lint if it’s snug in its container “house”, right? Other problems? Check out the help center on Puttyworld.

Now for the very rare question that I’ve not been able to answer: Can it stick to the ceiling? If anyone does know or finds out, please let us know about it here or on Facebook! Want some Thinking Putty but can’t come in? Call a store, and we can arrange to ship it to you

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