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Published by June 20, 2017

“Helping Children Learn”

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers was founded in 1979, and provides educators and parents with materials for preschool to grade eight.

Two teachers, and long time friends, Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore began creating supplementary materials for there own use in the 1970’s, while teaching at a Title I school in California. After creating handwritten books that inspired learning of basic skills, Jo Ellen and Joy wanted to spread their work to other teachers. Because of traditional publishing’s lack of response, they decided to partner with Joy’s brother Bill and start publishing independently. Thus, starting with a mere six titles, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers was born.

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Daily books

Small worksheets with big impact! These titles cover all major subjects; including the cross-curricular Daily Fundamentals! Finally you can get practice of language, math, and reading skills in one spot! Perfect for warm ups or daily homework. Also available are more focused titles like- Six Trait Writing, Paragraph Editing, Geography, Math, Reading and much, much more!

Skill Sharpeners

“Connecting School and Home” Created especially for parents! These bite size, daily worksheets are a low stress way encourage mastery and retention. Get involved, it’s probably the most important step you can take!

Common Core Mastery

A whole array of great, specialized books for Language Arts, Math, Science, and beyond. Because sometimes you need a single focus title…

Draw and Write

Language arts with an especially fun and engaging twist!

Teacher Resources

Take it to Your Seat Centers

This is a unique series available in a broad spectrum of subjects, from Language Arts to Science. These titles have everything you need to print and assemble a portable center. Store them in a pocket, file folder or box. Once assembled and demonstrated, the center can be used by students, either singly, groups or with a teacher. Flexible, interactive, and engaging!

Daily Record Book and Daily Plan Book

Both the Daily books are staples here in store. After all, why not? Each title has everything you need, collected under a sturdy cover with heavy duty binding.

And flash cards…

…in many subjects. Unlike some other makers, Evan Moor has online activities to extend your deck. See box for details.

Our catalog selection is here, but we have much more in-store for you! We can also special order anything Evan-Moor makes! Need student workbooks? Ask us!

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I think my favorite job from my teen years was working at the old 51st Ave and Bell location! Now I'm back in college working on my Elem Ed degree! Great place to shop whether you're a teacher or a parent!