Gift Cards

Published by January 26, 2017

Just who likes gift cards and certificates from TLS anyway?

Teachers, of course. Let’s face it, unless it’s their first year*, they probably already have a “World’s Best Teacher Mug.” But they are not the only ones. Not by a longshot! Who else would need, or like, a gift certificate? A small sampling.

Anyone who does bulletin boards/office decorating

This means admins, office managers, apartment supers, parent helpers/room moms, PTO, shift heads and team leads. Got an empty wall? We can help you fill it with fun and functional items such as calendars or motivational posters. (PS, we have big maps and map pins!)

Anyone who works with children

Therapists, coaches, youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, librarians, aides, etc.

Especially parents! Homeschooling parents find our resources especially helpful. New parents or grandparents? Pick up all the extras to start off right. (Books, educational toys, and so on. We have some great decor for rooms too!)

Students of all ages

What students? Education majors, definitely! In addition, we have useful things for every student of every subject. But, don’t forget anyone doing homeschool. Got science fair coming up? Because we have all the things for that, from presentation kits to lab materials. Playing school? We can get you set you up nicely. (PS, I see a potential lesson on budgeting, just saying. Give everyone a $5 card and talk about how to spend it. Then make a chart and so on.)

And regular kids too! We have so many great toys! (And materials. Let’s face it, the science and art aisles are just big playgrounds for some folks.)

Online Gift Cards

When you buy your gift card online, you’ll receive your gift card by email. You can use this in store, or online! Got a whole mailing list to gift? This is the way to do it. Live out of reach of a store? Simple solution; with our online catalog, they shop, we deliver! Whoops, did you forget to pick up a gift? Nab one on your way to school. Easy peasy. Furthermore, there is no wrapping required.
Need something a little more tangible? Come in the store and pick up a gift card. Also, we have several fun styles to pick from! Included is a nice envelope, but we can gift wrap it as well. Just ask.



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There are not many places left that you can get personalized service from someone that knows what they are talking about in a retail environment. Love that I can always go in here and figure our ways to help my family get better at learning. It's fun too!