Scholastic Inc: a Very Short History

Published by August 19, 2017

SCHOLASTIC INC. is quite possibly the oldest educational publisher in the US, and maybe the world. This worldwide giant got its start with a little, four-page newsletter. The first issue of Western Pennsylvania Scholastic was published on October 22, 1920. It’s publisher Maurice “Robbie” Robinson, already had expansion on his mind. Because right on page one of issue one was this.

Only four pages? No! Next week and every week thereafter The Scholastic will have eight pages.

Currently under his son Dick Robinson, Scholastic has grown into a worldwide publisher, with publications in forty-five languages! Where can you find Scholastic products? Quite literally, all over the store!


When you mention Scholastic, most people think of books! With all kinds of books, from reader favorites to teacher essentials, Scholastic is on your side from preschool on up.

Big Books And Flip Charts

Sing along and circle time essentials! All of these are big enough for the whole room to see. Additionally, many of these oversized, ring bound titles have a music CDs packed in. Finally, some styles are ready to write on and wipe off for ease of use.

Reproducible Books for Educators

Think classics like the Morning Jumpstarts series or focused titles like Fab Vocab, Prefixes & Suffixes. Additionally, who doesn’t like activity books like The Body Book: Easy-to-Make Hands-On Models That Teach?


Fiction and nonfiction, and even comics for every room!  Because these big impact-readers have the “just right” page count the grade level and subject offered. Finally, we have to mention the Little Readers series, sets of little books for little hands!

Trade Books

Titles include ones you know and love, like Clifford and Magic School Bus.  Because you need a trusted source for stocking class and personal libraries, right?

Other Learning Aids

A potpourri of helpful things for anyone teaching, from parents to therapists. Learning mats put a new perspective on subjects. Maybe some magnetics are what you need instead? Project posters are an interactive group activity that comes in styles like About Me and STEM Star.  Also, reward tickets are motiving for everyone!

Pocket Charts and Classroom Decor

Includes items from the Teachers Frend line as well as the Scholastic Teaching Resocues label. Tending toward the colorful and classic, this full range of products have your walls covered.  In conclusion, if you need posters, borders, accents, planners, bulletin board sets both educational and functional, Scholastic makes it!

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