Summer learning loss is a real problem. Summer Bridge is a real solution.

Summer Bridge: Saving Brains from Summer Break

Published by May 22, 2017

Ah summer. Long, sun filled days of watching TV, playing with friends, doing nothing…and probably forgetting about two precious months of what you and the school spent filling their heads with to begin with. Also known as “Summer slide.”

No, really! There’s been a lot of research about it over the years. Let me link you to this fact sheet, if you’d like to view it in one handy spot. Want to know more? Tryhere and here.

The bottom line: It’s a real problem, and entirely preventable.

You don’t need an all day summer school or tutoring program to prevent summer slide. All it takes is a mere 2-3 hours a week to keep them on track. That’s just 15 or so minutes a day. Sounds like a headache? Nope, because all you need to do is pick up the appropriate Summer Bridge book. It’s all inside, laid out in an easy to use, day by day format.  It’s small, simple, steps to keep brains and bodies moving all summer, and less stressful for all of you. Also, it has stickers. Did we mention the stickers?

Why not make it a family affair, and grab a workbook and do it alongside them? It’s more fun when parents join in! We have the Perplexor logic puzzle series in store, along with some other Mindware learning books. (I’ve been meaning to grab one of the Mathfinder books for myself, as it seems like fun, and I know my math isn’t what it used to be!) Why not give your mind a little boost too?

Publisher Carson-Dellosa also has free activities to extend your Summer Bridge. Or just use by themselves; drop by here and check them out.

Summer Bridge has more uses beyond the big break….

That’s great, but what about those of us enrolled in year round school?

Want to keep them sharp and on schedule during breaks? Then just follow the program in chunks, ignoring the monthly component and following the weeks. You many need to adjust the outdoor activity parts, I must admit.

Another use? Test prep.

Worried about the big end of year reviews? Because summer bridge has a little bit of everything, you can use the academic portion to check for potential problem spots or reinforce what they have learned before test time. Small size prep, less stress for both of you! (We also get you the Spectrum grade level test prep series*, if you would like something more focused.)

Pondering homeschooling next year, but not quite sure if it’s a good fit for your family?

Why not use Summer Bridge as a ‘bite size’ trial, so to speak. It’ll give you an idea of how your child will react, and how you feel about the teaching part. Worked out well? Just roll on into homeschooling instead of enrolling next year. Found problems? Nothing lost, much gained, and your child can just head to class with the other students.

Ready to give it a try?

Pop in store or get yours online. But don’t wait too long! We start selling out of grade levels by mid-June!

PS- Why not make it more fun, by bundling your Summer bridge with some new crayons or colored pencils to use? And maybe some sunblock or bubble toys. You’re going to be going outside, after all!

Or other test prep resources. Or the Canadian version of Summer Bridge…or any of Carson’s other summer books. Ask in store! Do be aware that it takes two to three weeks for a special order, on average.

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